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Build Vocabulary, General Knowledge and Reading Comprehension with The New Book of Knowledge

“I have discovered a huge discrepancy between what we think children know and what they actually do know about common objects. I am convinced that this lack of basic vocabulary and common background knowledge affects reading comprehension. If we want to improve reading comprehension, we must expand our students’ knowledge base.”
Janet Caruthers, Ed. S.

New Book of Knowledge

Not only will The New Book of Knowledge build vocabulary and background knowledge to improve reading comprehension, but it also provides tools to improve your students' writing.

  • Chapter 3 (drawings with parts labeled) will provide details for more precise narrative and informational writing.

  • Chapter 6 gives mini-lessons and activity ideas for adding details, elaboration, and sentence variety to writing.

  • Chapter 7 contains many wise sayings and common expressions, which, if used properly, will greatly improve writing with evidence of a mature command of the English language.

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Reviews of The New Book of Knowledge:

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your book and enjoy using it in my class. I was so excited about it that I implemented it into my classroom the very next day and two days later I used it for an observation by the principal.

Although we were in the holiday season at the time, I wasn't able to use it as much as I anticipated. My students have come back from the break and have asked for us to work in the book of knowledge. I have set aside one day each week now for them to work in their books. One thing I have noticed--my students have taken to drawing their own pictures and labeling them during their free time. This tells me that they enjoy the process and they are learning from it.
Thanks for making the book of knowledge easy for teachers to use and implement in the classroom. It was great to just take what I learned one day and use it the next without any preparation!"  -

  Patti Thorsen - Avalon Elementary


I am very pleased with your books. I have been using them - especially the New Book of Knowledge every single day since the first of September with my pupils in school. I have kids from 8 years old to 12 year olds really benefiting from your books. The children themselves are so proud to be able to name all the parts of a bicycle or a horse. I have banned the use of the word "thing", and now, what were "things" on the 1st of Sept., are now "hinges" or "spokes" or "stems". I have recommended your books to a number of colleagues, and will have a few meetings in the new year - where I will definitely spread the word. So hopefully you will get more orders from Ireland!"  

  Marie Leavy - Connemara, County Galway, Ireland


"My second grade PEP children get so excited when I tell them we are going to work in our Book of Knowledge. It is an easy and fun way to teach vocabulary development. It is also a great extension when teaching themes. We have put apples to seahorses in our class Book of Knowledge. What an easy and fun way to learn!"  

  Marilyn Simpson - Gibsonton Elementary


"My 3rd grade class doesn't believe they are having to work when we are working on our Book of Knowledge. I was pleased to see how much they LOVE to use what they have learned in their writing. Their reading and writing abilities improved this year and continued to do so as their Book of Knowledge grew. We love our Books of Knowledge. Oh, and I was pleased with our state reading test scores this year. A little over 25% of my class scored a level 4out of 5 in reading, and that is great for a Title One School. My little L.E.P. student loved learning the English names for parts of things. She already knew most of the parts in Spanish, and the Spanish translation chapter really helped. It worked for all my students, it absolutely works!"  

  Carmen Bishop - Gibsonton Elementary


"My first grade class enjoyed using The Book of Knowledge this year. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was appropriate for first grade. I also incorporated the lessons into our writing."  

  Mary Pardo - Palm River Elementary


"If you are looking for a way to increase vocabulary, The Book of Knowledge is the key. The program is innovative and fun. My 4th grade class loves it!"  

  Vanessa Marin - Palm River Elementary


"I have enjoyed teaching The Book of Knowledge this year. It taps into the children's natural love of drawing, while teaching them vocabulary that helps them in reading comprehension. The relationships between whole and part, like and unlike, and analogies are seen in The Book of Knowledge. I find it particularly effective for those children who come from backgrounds of limited language experiences."  

  Marianne Mega - Palm River Elementary

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