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FREE Tips and Lists to Help YOU Help Your Child Become a Terrific Reader

Page from Jimmy's book The Day the Circus Came to My Back Yard




  • Reading With Infants / Toddlers: Follow these tips to make your book-sharing time more productive.

  • Reading With Older Children: Discover what to listen for when you listen to your child read, what you should do to help without sounding like a teacher, how to choose a book at your child’s correct reading level and what questions to ask.

  • Vocabulary Information: Discover 4 broad research-based strategies for developing vocabulary. Find out about Tier One, Two and Three words. Read about teacher-tested ideas for building vocabulary Word Walls.

  • Testing Help: Find out about different types of reading selections on tests and how you can help your child be more successful on reading tests.

  • Words Children Need to Know: Being able to read fluently (smoothly) is important. It is difficult for children to understand what they read if they have to keep stopping to sound out words (called decoding). All that time and attention to individual words takes away from understanding the whole story. All the lists that follow can help build your child's fluency.

  • Overcoming 5 Obstacles to Reading Comprehension: Find out how you can help your child overcome 5 obstacles to reading comprehension: Trying to read text that is too difficult, limited vocabulary, a lack of reading fluency (smoothness), inactive reading, and incorrect phrasing.

  • Reading Readiness: Help your child be ready for beginning reading instruction.

  • Listening Vocabulary: What is listening vocabulary? How your child’s (students’) listening vocabulary affects reading (decoding, fluency, and comprehension) and how to build listening vocabulary.

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