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Have Fun With These Coloring Sheets
Learn While You Color

"A good vocabulary is a strong element in a child's self-esteem. The more words children know, the less other people can talk over their heads and the taller they stand in their own eyes."

Joegil Lundquist - English From the Roots Up.

Coloring with your child is such a wonderful, relaxing thing to do. It's a time to slow down and talk. why not make it a time of learning as well? Your child truly wants some special time with you, so why not download this set of 30 learning pages and start today!

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Coloring Pages - Ages 5 to 7
  • 30 pages of learning

  • Pictures are in categories
    • our bodies
    • our clothes
    • things around a house
    • vehicles
    • animals

  • Large labels for parts of each object - the vocabulary words children really need to know

  • Print a page for each of you and begin your dialog of teaching and learning. This is a suggested dialog:
    • "Let's color the bike!
    • What color should we color the handgrips? [point to handgrips]
    • [While you and your child are coloring them the decided upon color, ask the following questions:]
    • What do you think they are for?
    • Why do you think they call them handgrips? - [These are important critical thinking questions.]
    • They look great.
    • Hey, let's color the kickstand next. Here it is.
    • What color do you want to color it?  [while coloring, ask the following questions:]
    • Does your bike have a kickstand?
    • I wonder why they call it a kickstand? What do you think? What would happen if a bike doesn't have a kickstand?
    • What part do you want to color next?" [Continue this conversation for other parts of the object.]

  • After coloring and discussing the names of the parts of the object, work together to complete the labeling lines. You can do this on the same day or wait until the next day. You can adjust the following sample dialog to match your child's level of knowledge about letters and letter sounds. The following is an example for one label, but it will give you the idea.
    • "WOW! Our picture looks great!
    • Lets connect these labeling lines.
    • What did we call this part again? Oh, yes, handgrips.
    • This is the word handgrips. Look, it starts with the letter h.
    • What sound does h make?
    • Incase someone sees our pictures, we want to show that this word is the name of this part.
    • So let's finish this line from the handgrips on the bike to the word handgrips.
    • Make it as straight as you can.
    • Super. What's the next part you want to label?" [Continue this conversation for the other parts of the object.]

  • If you have the real object you just colored and labeled, the next step would be to review the parts your child just learned on the real object. Then to use the words as often as you can in normal conversation. "Do you want to put some streamers on your handgrips?"


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