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Downloadable Books
Illustrated Dictionary - 67 everyday things with parts labeled. Combining visual and verbal learning to increase reading comprehension and help students add detail to their writing.
Word Analysis - Knowing these 110 morphemes (word parts) will increase one's vocabulary by thousands of words.
Electronic Flashcards -An important part of any word analysis unit.
Everything Has a Name - The Perfect Activity Packs for Building Basic Vocabulary
The New Book of Knowledge - Vocabulary building book to improve vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing.
Learn Basic English Vocabulary - Immigrants - Increase your vocabulary. Learn the American words for everyday things and build confidence when speaking about daily activities.
Vocabulary Centers- Practical ideas and forms for your vocabulary centers and partner learning.
American Words for Everyday Things- Learn the American words for things around your house. Three workbook pages for each object.
Parts of Everyday Things - A book for building vocabulary, general knowledge and reading readiness in young children.
Family Learning Time - Hundreds of simple show-and-talk activities to build vocabulary.
Word Analysis plus Flashcard Bundle- The Word Analysis book and Flashcards bundled.
Color While You Learn- 30 Pages of Learning

Free Information for Building Vocabulary, Improving Reading Comprehension and Writing

Reading Information - Tips for helping your child become a terrific reader
Reading with Infants and Toddlers - Most Effective Ways of Reading With Your Infant and Toddlers
Reading with School Age Children - Help Children Build Their Reading Skills and Reading Comprehension
Vocabulary Information - Information about research-based practices in building vocabulary, tier 1, 2, and 3 words, the magic of continuums for activating and revisiting vocabulary and using word walls for spaced review of vocabulary.
Testing Help- Help Your Child Prepare for Those Important Reading Tests
Struggling Readers Help - Help Struggling Readers Overcome Obstacles To Reading Comprehension
Reading Readiness - How To Prepare Your Child for Beginning Reading Instruction
Listening Vocabulary - What is listening vocabulary? How your child’s (students’) listening vocabulary affects reading (decoding, fluency, and comprehension) and how to build listening vocabulary.
Lists for Building Fluency
Dramatically Improve Fluency - Build fluency by learning these instant words, common prefixes and onsets.
Onsets - Use these beginning sounds to build reading fluency and improve reading comprehension.
Prefix, Suffix - learning the correct pronunciation of these affixes will increase reading fluency and improve reading comprehension.
Fry's 300 Instant Words - The first 300 high frequency words (sight words) used to build reading fluency and reading comprehension.
Morphemes Test - Test Yourself on Morphemes – How many of these 25 high frequency morphemes do you know?
Ways to Use Your Illustrated Dictionary to Meet CCSS.pdf

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